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Why Peridot?

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With a clear distinctive green hue and an amazing clarity, peridot engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the darker emeralds, but its luminous beauty which makes them an attractive option for any couple looking for a gem ring different commitment to a diamond.

What Is Peridot?

Peridot is a stone of light and beauty. It emits heat and positive energy. It provides a kind of protective shield around the body. It can help reduce anger or jealousy, inspiring happiness inside and pleasure in the nature of life itself. A wonderful fact is that it’s also a gem of space. It has been found in meteors that have fallen to Earth from deep space.

The Peridot Story

Legend has it that it was one of the favorite stones of Cleopatra and that some of the “emeralds” she used were actually peridot. Cleopatra is famous for her love for emeralds as was Lady Di for her love toward sapphires. A crystalline olivine, was mined for millennia in Zabargad Island, 35 miles off the coast of Egypt in the Red Sea. Supposedly it was more beautiful than the emerald that Egypt also produced, in fact so beautiful that people thought it was the second stone used in the breastplate high prayer for the second temple of Jerusalem built in 515 AD.

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Just to see the rings here.

Interestingly, for a gem with such history, his name is recent. For Centuries, this gem was known as Chrysolite from the Greek word that means “yellow stone”. To avoid confusion with constant yellow topaz, the British adopted the name ‘’peridot’’ in the 18th Century.

It is a stone of protection and purification. Its meaning is focused on help cleanse you from the bad influences of some people about you (or minimize). It is said to also increase your assertiveness and independence, making it easier for you to realize your dreams and following your own pattern.

It is known since ancient times. You may notice on some accessories to prove it. Even in ancient times people understood and enjoyed the beauty of this stone. You can see in these pieces, which are so elegant and beautiful.

It is a magnesium silicate, iron ore and gem form of olivine. The amount of iron in the crystal structure of the gem determines its exact shade of light green (the jewel is not found in any other color) ranges a very light, yellow-green citrus or golden green to dark brown. Traces of nickel and chromium in the crystal may also affect its color.

Natural Peridot is found throughout the world with high-quality deposits can be found in Egypt. The United States is the largest supplier of, and 80 to 95 percent of world production is mined in Arizona, even if the stones are generally of low quality or moderate, but still suitable for gemstone jewelry. Other deposits are found in Hawaii, Germany, Mexico and Brazil.

In 1912, it has been designated as the birthstone of August and makes it an attractive option for couples interested in the symbolism of connecting your peridot engagement rings with a given month. The gem has been popular for thousands of years, and indeed, the jewel derives its name from the Greek word ‘’peridona’’, which means ’’give wealth’’.

With a long history and association with the richly spiritual cultures such as the Egyptians and Greeks jewel, it is not surprising that it has a number of mystical properties. It is believed to enhance the success, peace and health, while also providing good luck and protection to the user – all qualities suitable for an engagement ring.

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Peridot Stone Rings

Peridot Ring Designs

The genuine ring light unusual color is popular with many different designs but is particularly suitable for the vintage, art deco and antique styles that are well known for their vibrant use of color. Prong settings are most popular because they emphasize the lightness of the ring, but the frames are another popular option because they further protect the gem. Peridot is also found in rings figures, often as accents leaf of a plant or design. Floral wrapping does not usually stand as a loner, but also with couples stone with diamonds or pearls for additional accents and many designs also match citrine, emerald, or other jewels in the families of green and yellow mixed homogeneous. At the same time, it’s popular to combine with amethyst tones unusual for a contract surprising.


Since the gem has touches of gold and yellow, it works well with many different precious metals like yellow gold, white gold, and silver. Some rings are combined with platinum but are less common because the metal can dramatically increase the price of the ring.

Judging Gem Quality

The most important factor in determining the quality of peridot rings feature is the color of the stone. Bright colors with more yellow in brown are the most desirable, but the concerned couples should ensure that the stone is natural and not treated to improve their color. The color should be consistent throughout the gem unchanged and without shadows. Because jewelry is so clear, clarity is also important because defects will be more visible.

Peridot is a relatively soft gem and can be scratched, nicked, or cut easier than other semi-precious gems. That is the reason why the ring must be carefully designed for the care of the stone – the setting must be uniform and well protected, and the engagement ring should not be paired with a wedding band that could rub or scratch the gem.

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Peridot heart engagement ring

Finding Perfect Peridot Engagement Rings

Like all stones, it is easier to find during his assigned month. Due to the increasing popularity of the outbreak, however, most jewelers have a limited amount for the whole year. While smaller gems are plentiful, many of them are in bracelets or earrings. Rings instead can be hard to find with a larger stone suitable for an engagement ring; most gems are cut less than two karat weight. peridot engagement ringsInvestigating online merchants is another option for couples interested in a peridot engagement rings, but they probably have a wide selection available locally.

They’re are a wonderful alternative to dark green gems. Rich in the symbolism of its long use in jewelry, gems are both attractive and significant time and use the most significant of all choose just the perfect peridot to introduce a bride-to-be expensive.

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